A Sequim Charter & Tour Company Sailing Out of Sequim Bay

Experiencing the Olympic Peninsula wouldn’t be complete without a little time on the water.  Make an adventure out of it, and sail a living legend out of scenic Sequim Bay!  Ingrid Princess is an ocean going, full keel ketch available for a variety of day sailing charters.  Onboard this storied vessel, you will get the chance to take the helm, hoist the sails, and trim the sheets, while taking in majestic views, immersed in wildlife on the Salish Sea.  Check out the variety of charter options we have to offer.  If any of these outings don’t meet your needs, or the departure times conflict with your plans, you can make a customized sail plan with the captain. There is no experience necessary, but a sailing experience is what you will take away from an afternoon onboard the Ingrid Princess!

Tracy Hollister

Olympic Coast Sailing Sequim Charter Options:

All Sequim Charters available May through October. Some winter charters also available, please inquire: olympiccoastsailing@gmail.com. While most charters have a recommended departure time, we can often adjust timing to fit your schedule, as well as adjust timing based on tides and weather. Please call to make arrangements if you have a preferred time. We’re also happy to create custom charters for your specific needs!

Wherever the Wind Blows

Wherever the Wind Blows

Wind on the Salish Sea can be fickle. If conditions are flat, often the only wind during the afternoon on Sequim Bay is a gentle breeze. Ingrid Princess is surprisingly responsive in light air, and a lazy spinnaker run down the bay is a great way to spend an afternoon afloat! 3 hours duration, recommended departure 1 pm, cost $150 pp, $300 min. 6 people max. Everyday May-Oct. Wintertime charter also available.

boat at sunset

Sunset Cruise

Enjoy a romantic tour onboard the Ingrid Princess for an evening sunset! Catch the sunset from the water. 2 hour duration, departing 2 hours before sunset. During the longest days of the year that would be around 7 or 7:30 pm. Cost $125 pp, $250 min.  6 people max. Sailing every evening May-Oct.


Sailing Instruction

From beginning sailing to advanced offshore tactics, we provide the education you seek, including boat selection and route-finding, to help you towards your own world-cruising dream. 3-4 hour duration, recommended departure 1 pm (adjusted for wind & tide depending upon level of instruction wanted. Cost $150 pp, $300 min. 6 people max. Offered any day the wind blows May-Oct. Wintertime also available.

Roche Harbor

Strait Crossing to San Juan Islands

The 24 mile Strait of Juan De Fuca crossing to the San Juan Islands averages 4-5 hours. Bring your bicycle to link your Peninsula bike trip with the islands! We can deliver you to any of the islands, and return you back after your island stay. Departure is tidal dependent and will be confirmed in advance with you. Cost $300 pp one-way, $600 min. 6 people max. Call ahead to arrange scheduling with the tides and customizing the trip to meet your needs. Sailing May-Oct unless there are storm force winds.

friends on a boat

Special Occasions

From bachelor/bachelorette parties, to company retreats, make your special occasion a memorable one sailing the Ingrid Princess. 3 hour duration, departing at 1pm unless you have specific timing that would be a better fit for your party. Cost: $150 pp, $300 minimum. Any day from May through October. 6 people maximum.

Ash Scattering/Memorials

Ash Scattering/Memorials

It’s hard to say goodbye to those you love. When that time comes, we provide a peaceful moment to do so on Sequim Bay. With the boat adrift in the big blue, you and your party can spread ashes in a way that is meaningful to you. We will accommodate to the best of our ability all faith traditions. If there are specific needs, contact the captain to verify we can fully accommodate. 2 hour duration, departing at 1pm unless different time better suits your needs. Cost $125 pp, $250 min. 6 people max. Any day May-Oct, weather dependent during winter. 

Dungeness Lighthouse

Dungeness Lighthouse Tour

Cruise to the historic Dungeness Lighthouse at the tip of the 2nd longest sand spit in the world!  We will anchor the boat and dinghy ashore to enjoy a tour from the volunteer staff and explore the grounds. 5-6 hour duration depending on conditions and length of time you wish to spend at the lighthouse. Afternoon sailing, with exact time dependent on tides. After receiving your booking, timing will be confirmed. Cost $250 pp, $500 min. 6 people max. Any day May-Oct.

Ingrid Princess boat

Protection Island Wildlife Refuge

Landing on Protection Island is prohibited, but we can sail close enough for splendid views of bird and sea lion colonies. 4-5 hour duration, departing at 1pm unless the tides dictate otherwise. Upon receiving your booking, I will inform you of the ideal departure time.  Cost $200 pp, $400 minimum. Sailing every day from May through October. Winter sailing is also available. 6 people maximum.

Ingrid Princess sailboat

Vessel Support

Open water distance swimmers, and long distance endurance rowing / paddling events need a support vessel. Ingrid Princess can be there for your safety and support, and keep your team comfortable onboard handling logistics with the captain. Pricing dependent upon duration and location, call for a consultation. As a benchmark, this type of charter would run $2400 for 24 hours. 6 people maximum.

Passenger Transfer. We offer pick-up and drop-off services to and from the marina.
Roundtrip from: Port Townsend: $75; Port Angeles: $50; Sequim area: $25